Welcome to London, England everyone! I decided to tag along with my sister, Ellen, and her coworker, Kate, on their business trip to England. We took the train from Paris to London and decided that we were in the chunnel a shorter amount of time than our average time on the DC Metro. We had a lovely experience and when we arrived we made our way to Kings Crossing to Platform 9 3/4. It seemed we missed the Hogwarts Express because there was a huge line waiting for the passage way to open up again for the next train. So, Ellen and I just took a picture with the platform and reasoned that the flying car would be a much easier and faster mode of transportation.

Kate studied abroad in London during her time at UVA, so during the evening Kate gave us a brief but educational tour of London. We walked past Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. While walking around we sipped on mulled wine and tried to remember to look right left right instead of left right left.


While Ellen is at work during the day I keep myself busy by doing touristy things! My JMU roommate Colleen and classmate Rachel both gave me a huge list of things to do and check out while I am in London so I am busy checking them off of the list! Out of the highlights of the past two days I made my way to the Tower of London. I enjoyed seeing this fortress and comparing it to Peter and Paul Fortress in Saint Petersburg. Overall, Peter and Paul was much bigger than the Tower of London and held more inside its walls. My favorite part of the Tower of London was seeing the Crown Jewels. Since all of the crowns have purple fabric on them I decided that I shall become royal as well since purple is my favorite color and my alma mater’s school color. I will have to work on that whole marrying into the family thing..


Similarly to Paris, London is in full holiday spirit. On my way to Hyde Park I walked down the street filled with cheery decorations and bustling shoppers. I made my way to Speakers Corner and I could not find anyone speaking! It is totally possible that I was in the wrong corner, but it was also a Tuesday afternoon so who knows!


The biggest recommendation from Kate was to go to the British Museum. This museum could easily take anyone a week to get through with the mass amount of items they have. They have tensΒ of mummies and other Egyptian artifacts including the Rosetta Stone. Living in DC I have so many resources to museums and artifacts, but seeing new ones with such historical significance was a sight to see.


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Sadly we did not see the Queen or the new little munchkins that Ellen wants to babysit for, but we did however have beer, peas and of course fish and chips.