I spent the last 4 days in Paris and they were packed with adventure and exploring! My high school friend Kailyn is currently teaching English in southern France and traveled up to Paris to explore with me. Our first stop?! Croissants! My former boss lived in Paris for a couple of years and recommended an incredible patisserie by her old flat and she did not steer us wrong. The chocolate croissant we shared was absolutely delicious. As you can tell I am just as excited to have this french treat as I was to get a taste of true Russian vodka.


Cece told Kailyn and me it would not be worth the money to go up the Eiffel Tower if it was cloudy outside. Thankfully we had wonderful weather and had incredible views of the city. For any wondering minds the Eiffel Tower was finished in 1889 and was the entrance to the 1889 Worlds Fair. The Tower was also built to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution. The Tower is 1063 feet tall compared to the Washington Monument at 554 feet tall. While it is taller than the Washington Monument it felt a little like being at home because the Eiffel Tower has a grass mall in the back and a little pond in the front.

We walked down the Champs de Elyssees which is stocked with fancy stores and delicious over priced macaroons from La Duree. We eventually made our way to the Pont de l’Alma bridge where Princess Diana was involved in a fatal car crash in 1997. Shortly after the bridge there is this Flame of Liberty memorial dedicated to her. Additionally, the Love Lock bridge has pretty much stopped as a result of the locks being too heavy and hurting the bridge’s infrastructure. As you can see, they have placed a lot of locks around this memorial still keeping the love alive in Paris.


The following day turned out to be a lot more spontaneous than we had originally planned. We were on our way to The Louvre and happened to stumble upon a huge Christmas market.  Since Europe doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, there is nothing stopping them from beginning to celebrate the Holiday season early. We happily joined right in and ran into Uncle Sam which was a very funny surprise.

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Well, two and a half hours later we made our way to The Louvre and Shakespeare and Company bookstore. Our final night in Paris was spent with Ellen and her friends at a local french restaurant and Kailyn trying escargot!


For breakfast on our last morning in Paris, Colleen gave us a blind taste test of different croissants. I preferred the buttery ones and Kailyn liked the wheat croissants. I had an incredible couple of days in Paris and now I am off to my final new city, London!