Growing up my favorite bracelet had a gold colored chain with different colored rhinestones around it and a charm of the Eiffel Tower hung from the center. I could so easily put the tower in my hand and play with it. Never did I ever imagine back then that I would stand in front of the Eiffel Tower as I did last night.

If anyone caught the Anastasia song reference from the title of this post and my last, Paris is wonderful. While I am in Paris I am staying with a family friend, Colleen, who I used to work for a couple of years ago. Her family lives in a very nice flat perfectly centered in Paris. They are 1o minutes from the Eiffel Tower and 10 minutes in the other direction to the Arc de Triumph. The night I arrived, Colleen and I strolled down to the Eiffel Tower. The feeling was really unreal and surreal. I had arrived only hours ago from Russia into another incredible city, had gained 20 degrees in the weather and was standing in front of a wonder of the modern world.

Yesterday I ventured to Montmarte and Sacre courer. They sit on top of a hill and overlook the entire city. The cool thing about the church is that someone is always praying there, no matter the hours of the day. During lunch today I learned that visitors can stay there for free, but they have to be willing to pull a graveyard prayer shift. While I was there two nuns were singing in French a lovely hymn, it was quite relaxing and peaceful.


After the calmness of the church I walked around the area and found some wonderful little craft shops. One in particular was full of clay creations and these flowers really brightened my day. Saint Petersburg residents love their indoor plants and I think this reminded me that no matter how miserable the weather is outside you can always have some warmth of flowers on the inside.


Moulin Rouge is a close walk from Montmarte and Sacre courer. So, off I went past countless number of adult stores. I really have no idea how they all stay in business,, but as the saying goes Paris is the city  of Lust.


I went home for lunch and crashed Colleen’s lunch date with a girl friend. After, I grabbed my book walked to the Arc de Triumph, found a café, got a super cheap glass of wine and read my book until it was finished. I felt very French. I was so captivated by my booking and wine that I forgot to take a classy picture of it. Once I finished, I went back to Colleen’s where we had a fantastic family dinner and then I got to play with Cece, her daughter, and we talked about life and the current happenings at school.

Tomorrow is a full day of touring with my wonderful friend Kailyn and I also get to begin my day with a Lego date with Cece!