As this is my last night in Saint Petersburg I would like to share with you all some final thoughts, experiences and facts Alex and I have picked up during our trip.

During one of our evenings with Tim, I asked him the 5 best things about Russia and Saint Petersburg. He couldn’t come up with just 5 so the list is now the 6 best things.

6 Best things/Facts about Russia/SPB as told by Tim

  1. There aren’t actually bears walking in the streets
  2. The raccoon Alex held name is Kira
  3. The roads are really bad
  4. People may not smile when you pass them, but that doesn’t mean they are angry or sad
    1. I think this is because its too cold and windy and smiling takes up too much energy. It is a little weird since my JMU self smiles a lot at strangers.
  5. People are very nice; If you need help you will likely get it
    1. Alex and I agree with this statement! Even with a language barrier, people will do whatever they can to help you out
  6. The western side of Russia is more inhabited than the eastern

Every morning at camp the children had the opportunity to go swimming. (dont worry! it was an indoor pool) One day at the end of pool duty Alex walked through what she thought was the girls locker room. Well let me tell you,  she got a little more eye candy to look at then she was expecting that day.

Overall, Saint Petersburg has been so friendly to me these past 3 weeks. I have an absolute blast here and have enjoyed everything the city has to offer. The new friends I have made do not feel like new friends. As Lev said so nicely last night during a dinner at his house, “it feels like I have known you  both for years or months”. To everyone who has helped me in this incredible city, thank you and thank you to JDC Entwine for giving me such an incredible opportunity. Alex, you have been a great roommate and travel partner and here’s to us running into each other in London next week!

Stay tuned to the blog because my next post will be from Paris, France!

 пока SPB and Bonjour Paris