Everyone meet Gregori! He is 88 years young and looking for a sprightly woman to add to his collection to of lovers and 2 former wives. Alex and I had the opportunity to meet this former Soviet Navy Commander yesterday. Gregori is a part of a home care program where he gets 4 hours of home visits a week. He has 2 children, a handful of grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. We learned all about his life and he shared his life advice with us as well. For instance, we need to get married because marriage is good. Also, you only live once so do whatever you want whenever. He proved this life motto to us by serving us tea and then added a bottle of wine into the mix at 1:00 pm. Our favorite part of the visit was when he brought his jacket out, let us try it on and then put it on himself. He has numerous medals and honors from his time serving.


After sadly leaving Gergori we made our way to the Piskariovskoye Memorial Cemetery which remembers and honors those lost during the 900-day seige of at the time Leningrad and marked the beginning of World War II for Russia which they call the Great Patriotic War. Just to give everyone some background knowledge, the Nazi’s attacked Leningrad with the people extremely unprepared and without warning to evacuate. The Nazi’s kept Leningrad under seige for over 2 and a half years and sadly hundreds of thousands of people died as a result of starvation and the harsh winters. Half of a million of those lost are laid to rest in this memorial cemetery. Walking through reminded me a little of walking through Arlington Cemetery because it was so calm and serene with such a sense of peace.


That night we walked around town and did a lot of souvenir shopping. Today we woke up early and headed over to the Saint Isaac Cathedral. We were sad to find out that we are missing the light show on Saint Isaac Cathedral which is happening in a couple of days, but were happy that we could walk all the way up to the Colonade for stunning views of the city. By asking a girl to take our picture we met 2 other people from the states!


Inside the Cathedral are stunning images from the New Testament.

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When we finished climbing down all 400 steps we made it over to Rasputin’s Palace. We have been to so many palaces and museums the past week and a half we decided to have some fun with this one.  In the Ballroom we of course had to practice our best ballet and dance moves channeling our inner Anastasia.

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We had an absolute blast today. Tomorrow begins the real reason we are here, camp! It also marks the 1 week mark from me leaving this wonderful city. Here is to one more week of living in the moment and getting everything out of Saint Petersburg that it can offer.