As many of you know I just began a trip in Saint Petersburg, Russia. My adventure began by saying goodbye to my lovely parents and boyfriend at the airport. It is always sad to say goodbye, but really it was just a long term see ya later. On the first leg of my trip I was sitting with a large group of native French students wearing Charlottesville and University of Virginia apparel.While they probably didn’t know JMU is right over the hill, I of course had to rep my true colors. JM(ilove)U

I arrived in Saint Petersburg safely and had a wonderful new friend ┬ánamed Lisa tour me around and take me to my hotel. On the way I passed the one Irish Pub in the city. Apparently they serve hamburgers and hot dogs on Fourth of July for their American guests (Thanks Liz for that fun fact). I also got a glimpse of the Hermitage Museum and the Mariinsky Theatre. Once I got situated in my hotel room, which is about as big as a NYC hotel room, I took a nice stroll around my neighborhood and found this lovely little stream. Lisa informed me that Saint Petersburg is filled with all sorts of rivers and streams with one large river in the middle the winds around. I am staying on a separate island that is about 20 minutes away from the actual city of Saint Petersburg. The one American city Lisa has been to is NYC, so she has been comparing the Saint Petersburg roadways and metro to New York City’s and it is a little comical. While the NYC street system has 220 numbered streets in Manhattan alone, this island goes all of the way up to a whopping 30. There are also only 3 cross streets and they are named like small middle and big.


I stopped in the store to buy some items and of course there is one thing that I had to find out. How much is a bottle of vodka?! Well, a solid bottle of vodka in USD is $6.50, so theres that.

The last thing I saw on my walk today was the word pectopah written on many store fronts. Now, in my last week or two at home my grandfather told me about this word and I thought it was funny. The word Pectopah means restaurant in Russian and in the Russian alphabet the letter p sounds like an R. So even though I learned how to say the word correctly in Russian, now whenever I see it I pronounce it phonetically…thanks grandpa.


I finished my day in my hotel room watching Atlantis is Russian and getting unpacked. As I was getting into my pj’s I also had the misfortune of learning that the leggings I had been wearing all day had ripped in the back. However small the two holes were, I am sure a large group of people small my rear end.

Tomorrow brings new excitement and new stories including my roommate flying in!

Love, Robin